In 21 sovereign states and some territories, Spanish is the major language. Listed below are the countries whos vast majority language of the population is Spanish;a. Spainb. Colombiac. Argentinad. Venezuelae. Chilef. Ecuadorg. Cubah. Dominican republici. Hondurasj. El Salvadork. Nicaragual. Costa Ricam. Puerto ricoIn Spain, peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Equatorial Guinea, Spanish is the sole and national language.The widely spoken Roman language is Spanish in terms of population speaking the language and countries as the official language. From its origin, Spanish was carried to the new world by colonization, conquest and trade. Today, it is spoken much by Central and South America in addition to Spain.Spanish vocabulary stems from Latin, which was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula during the Roman Conquest. After the Roman Empire has fallen, a number of distinct dialects were left behind. During the Christian Conquest, many of the smaller kingdoms united and the Castilian language because dominant. Castilian language is still spoken today.There are also English words that come from Spanish. Some of which are cargo, siesta, hacienda, canyon, plaza rodeo, adobe, armada, etc.

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